Brelian Stone World Trading Company

Brelain Factories & Mines Group has began its professional activities since 2006 in the field of extraction and processing of natural stones used in the construction industry.

Brelian Factories & Mines Group by relaying on their unique skills and having 6 onyx mines and 1 travertine mine , specifically focus on producing onyx , marble and silver travertine stones at two separated factories that are located in Shiraz and Isfahan .

Iranian natural stones are world famous because of their variety and quality.

Our team is committed to provide Iranian products with the highest quality in accordance with international standards.  

Brelian Stone World

High Quality Natural Stones

Using the most advanced technologies, it can be said that our products are grouping in more than 150 sort with slab and tile applications and are delivered in special and standard packages to customers all over the world.

Innovation in production and customer satisfaction are one of the most important goals of our group and in order to achieve them, we always try to use continuous consulting in design and manufacture high quality products and deliver the products in the shortest time.

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